About Us

Lubex was established in 1989 and started trading in building materials and locksmithing (steel and aluminum). Since 1991 we have been providing metal coating services. First, we started coating metals with polymer paints using CLEARCAD cataphoresis based systems. We also offered zinc, nickel and chromium coating. Our customers were provided with some other surface treatment measures, e.g. anodizing, copper plating, patination, polishing and chromating of aluminum. We offer zinc plating, nickel plating, decoration chromium plating and chromating of aluminum.

In 2007 we purchased real estate located in Szczecin at Cukrowa St. 12f and relocated . in 2009 we applied to the Marshal’s Office of West Pomerania for a grant under the Regional Operative Plan to purchase a new production line. We succeeded and benefited from EU grant for purchase of the new galvanizing system. The system meets the requirements of BAT and is one of the most modern systems operating in West Pomerania.

Consequently, we can now offer new kinds of services, such as:

  • Zinc coating complete with the so called yellow passivation based on trivalent chromium;
  • Zinc coating of parts above 2 m length
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About our company

"Lubex sp. z o.o." Galwanotechnika

ul. Cukrowa 12f, 71-004 Szczecin, Polska

Tel. +48 502 500 762, +48 501 572 141, lubex[at]lubex-galwanotechnika.pl